प्रदेश सरकार

प्रदेश खेलकुद परिषद्

गण्डकी प्रदेश, पोखरा, नेपाल

Our Motto





Vision & Mission


Sports for National Dignity and Social Transformation


To work in collaboration with our sporting organizations, community leaders, school & colleges, NGOS, and INGOs, Industries, Business houses, NAs and IFs, Sports Lovers, national and International organizations, sponsors for Dignified Society and Nation Building.

Beliefs & Values

Community Wellness:

We believe that sports have the capacity to build a healthier, safer and stronger community.

Inclusion-No one is left behind

We believe that sport is practiced without any racial, gender, age and color discrimination.


We believe that sport unites people. It speaks the universal language of youths. It creates hope.


We believe that sports empower women, children and differently able people and enable to reduce domestic violence.

Economic Growth

We believe that sport can create jobs and economic growth of nation.

Responsible Investment

We believe that sport is of "Low invest high product


We believe that sport play a vital role to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2030.

Let's Move Together

Let's Move Together

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